Closer to ArtLink to a New Experience
Artlink Association has been divided!

In 2010 Artlink Association has been divided  into two different associations: Colectiv A, having the headquarters in the Paintbrush Factory from Cluj and 4Culture in Bucharest. For the eXplore Dance Festival, Jardin d'Europe and Balkan Dance Platform projects you can access the following sites: and and for the TEMPS D'IMAGES European Festival and for the Cluj projects please visit

Artlink Association was founded in 2005 by Miki Braniste, Andreea Capitanescu and Oana Ionita. Our colleagues and collaborators in the last years were: Clara Traistaru, Luiza Alecsandru, Cristina Beruci, Violeta Stefan, Cora Sevianu and Laura Panait.

We thank to all our partners, collaborators and our volunteers!